Think Pictures LLC is a High Definition Production Company that specializes in:

- RED One Camera Rentals
- Visual Effects Production
- Stock Footage: 2K, 4K - Shot on the RED One Camera
- Director of Photography services
3D Stereoscopic Shooting - Shot on the RED One Camera
- Time lapse - Shot on the RED One Camera
- Conversions
- Digital Transfer
- One light and DVD dailies

Rent the 4K RED One digital camera today! Think Pictures LLC has two RED One Cameras, high quality lenses and other accessories for rent in Los Angeles, Detroit and anywhere else in the USA. If you have never used the RED One camera before, consult with one of our technicians and see how your production can benefit from this technology.

Our staff has over 20 years of experience in Visual Effects, High Definition Production, and is on the cutting edge of 3D Cinematography.

Founded by Visual Effects Supervisor/Artist, Eli Jarra, Think Pictures LLC is about creating spectacular high end digital imagery for use in visual effects or as standalone stock footage.

Eli Jarra has worked as a supervisor and visual effects artist at many facilities in the Los Angeles and Detroit markets. Some of them include: Entity FX, Complete Post, Cinesite, GTN and Producers Color Service. He has worked on over 50 projects ranging from feature film and television to commercials and music video production. Some of his most recent visual effects work include: Michael Jackson's "This Is It", Law Abiding Citizen, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Into the Wild, Superhero Movie, Miami Vice, Hitch, Herbie: Fully loaded, Spiderman 2, Vanilla Sky, Not Another Teen Movie and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and others. He has also worked as the on-set VFX Supervisor for the movies Fencewalker, Hitch and ABC's television show Eastwick.

Our network of highly talented visual effects artists can deliver the vision of your show direct to you without the large overhead of other facilities. Whether it is feature film, television or web media, our high resolution content is determining the wave of the future. Through advances in technology, we are able to achieve this quality of excellence and deliver it to your production.