CD of sounds to soothe your baby, available from Think Sounds

The Baby Bliss CD by Think Sounds, contains more than one hour of soothing sounds for babies. Some examples of these calming sounds include white noise, waterfalls and waves crashing onto the shoreline. These natural sounds will aid in soothing your baby to sleep. There are hundreds of stories from parents describing which sounds calm their own child. Sounds from your blow-dryer, vacuum cleaner, traffic and running water can all help in quieting your baby, so we decided to compile and master the most popular sounds onto one CD.

You can play these tracks directly off the disc or rip them to your iPod or other MP3 type player for playback at home, in the car or portable sound system. Find your favorite tracks and build a playlist using your preferred music player software. These tracks are structured to run on a loop and can be repeated for as long as you need.

The Baby Bliss CD works GREAT in calming your child when stuck in traffic or at night to aid in peaceful sleep. Don't worry we've included a couple of tracks for Mom and Dad too!

Try Baby Bliss out for your new baby. ORDER HERE at Amazon