Entity FX uses Firestorm Season 3 to help create Atomic Bomb sequence for CW's Smallville
November 2009

EntityFX a visual effects house in Santa Monica uses fire & smoke footage shot by Eli Jarra to assist in the destruction of Kandor, a city on the planet Krypton for CW's Smallville.

This visual effects shot done by artist/matte painter Jason Dunn, used various plates from Firestorm Season 3 to aid in constructing elements for the atomic blast. Utilizing various techniques in After Effects & Nuke, he was able to combine practical elements to create an awe-inspiring shot. Here he discusses the technique and showcases a portion of the final shot.

Think Pictures wraps Firestorm Season 3
October 2009

Think Pictures LLC wraps post production on Firestorm Season 3, a compilation of the Station & Guiberson Fires which took place in August & September 2009 in the city of Los Angeles. Some of the clips shot include the famous Fire Cloud that reached altitudes high enough to be seen for hundreds of miles as well as a full day timelapse showing the fireline as it devours anything in its path. Fueled by the Santa Ana winds, the piece demonstrates the veracity of these firestorms. Currently, these stock clips are only available through Getty Images and Think Pictures direct.

Eli Jarra talks FX supervision on ABC's Eastwick
October 2009

Eli Jarra, visual effects supervisor for ABC's Eastwick talks about the visual effects for the show. A recent article in VFX World Magazine goes into detail describing the environments they've created and other VFX work that was called on for the show. Link to article here.

Think Pictures delivers stock for ABC's Eastwick
September 2009

3D Stock footage shot in Morro Bay State Park was used as backplates for ABC's Eastwick. Footage outside the moonroof of Darryl's limo were layered and composited using various plates shot in the state park just outside of San Luis Obispo.

Think Pictures delivers RED elements for Michael Jackson's "This Is It"
August 2009

Think Pictures LLC delivers green screen elements shot on Red for Soldier Drill, an intensive FX shot used for the movie.

Utilizing motion control and in combination with the Sony's F23 camera, multiple passes of dancing soldiers shot against green screen were replicated with the intent of turning a dozen soldiers into hundreds. Think Pictures also used stock footage shot in Hawaii as the backdrop for the scene.

Think Pictures signs with Getty Images
August 2009

Think Pictures LLC owner Eli Jarra has signed a deal with Getty Images a world supplier of royalty stock footage. In a move of exclusivity, Firestorm Season 3 has been delivered to Getty as part of their nature collection. Other libraries have also been added such as Moab, Goblin Valley and the Medical collection.

Collings Foundation see RED 3D for Wings of Freedom
May 2009

The Collings Foundation uses Think Pictures to document their Wings of Freedom tour. Using dual stereo Red cameras, Eli Jarra covers the action between the Mustang P51, B17 and B24 Bombers. "Shooting in 3D really brings out the realism of scale when shooting these large aircraft and based on the footage I've seen, it's the next best thing to being there...What an honor." says, Eli Jarra. Shooting took place at the Camarillo, Burbank and Paso Robles airports and can be seen on the Collings Foundation website.

Firestorm named #1 timelapse in Wired Magazine's top ten best nature timelapse
March 2009

Wired Magazine names Firestorm #1 timelapse showing nature at work. The article which can be seen here offers really unique insight to the world of nature and timelapse demonstrating rotting apples, a thunderstorm in action, the Aurora Borealis and of course Fire as it devours everything in its path. It is a real privilege to be acknowledged from a magazine with such prestige and reputation.

Think Pictures delivers Firestorm footage for HBO's Entourage.
November 2008

HBO calls on EntityFX a Santa Monica visual effects facility to deliver shots of massive wildfires in which the main character Vincent Chase portrays a firefighter in the movie Smoke Jumpers. Think Pictures supplied real fire clips that were used in compositing for the shots. Production plates that were shot for episode 11 season 5 show the firefighters climbing up the hillside about to battle a monster firetorm. Watch it here.

Think Pictures completes Firestorm Season 2

Think Pictures LLC has completed Firestorm Season 2, a compilation of wildfires shot in southern california. For stock footage usage, please contact info@thinkpictures.com Clips can be seen here on Vimeo.

Zion National Park, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree stock libraries delivered

Footage shot in Zion, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree have been delivered to Artbeats, MammothHD, FootageHead and Global Imageworks. Some material in the collection include vistas and landscapes, Wind-generated power farms, Cumul-Nimbus cloud formations and Joshua Trees.

X-Files 2 post production wraps

Think Pictures signs on to deliver 4K stock footage with Artbeats and Mammoth HD

Compositing work completed for East of Byzantium
April 2008

East of Byzantium, an epic saga directed by Roger Kupelian has completed over 50 FX shots for their upcoming teaser. VFX supervisor Eli Jarra assisted in the shooting and compositing of the plates needed to complete the shots. East of Byzantium is a fully virtual environment, All actors were shot green screen with the sets and environments to be added later. Some of the work can be viewed here.

Think Pictures shoots Roger Kupelianís East of Byzantium.
February 2008

Think Pictures shoots Red for East of Byzantium. Directed by Roger Kupelian, this 5th century epic which tells the story of Vartan Mamigonian, who lead the Armenian army to battle the Persian force. The resulting civil war and eventual military intervention by the mighty Persian force was met with extreme bravery and sacrifice, arguably changing the course of Western Civilization itself.

Superhero post production wraps
February 2008

Think Pictures acquires Red Cameras 392 & 393
January 2008

Think Sounds completes Baby Bliss. A soothing compilation of sounds for newborns.
December 2007

Baby Bliss, a compilation of calming sounds for newborn babies has been complete. The CD contains more than one hour of calming baby sounds that can be used to help relax your infant when stuck in traffic or to aid in getting a peaceful nights sleep. These tracks are structured to run on a loop and be repeated for as long as you need. Baby Bliss can be found on Amazon.

Think Pictures produces timelapse footage for CWís Smallville 2007

3D cloud timelapse footage used on Rush Hour 3

Firestorm wildfire timelapse piece wins Current TVís viewers choice awards.

Firestorm hits #1 as viewers choice top pick on Al Gore's Current TV.